Specialists in signage design, manufacture and installation

We create, engineer and manufacture large format digital graphics and signs for corporations and organizations with a strong focus on logistical solutions.

Separate production facilities in Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids, and Indianapolis mean we have the technical skill base and production capacity to deliver even large, complex campaigns without outsourcing.

Our state-of-the-art printers and finishing equipment give our customers economical access to a vast range of print and capabilities and services.

And our production environment is climate- controlled to ensure proper color, ink adhesion, and consistency. And every project is checked for quality at each step of production.

Key capabilities and services

Banner and mesh
printing up to 16’ wide

Direct printing onto materials
including, coroplast, PVC, metal,
vinyl, polystyrene, and acrylic

Dedicated printers for tradeshow,
high‐end printing, and dye‐
sublimated fabric

Specialised 6’x10’ CNC-based
cutting tables for consistency, high-
quality cutting and finishing

We do more

and Design
and printing
and logistics
Barcoding and warehousing

We are logistics and project management specialists

We have experience with the most stringent deadlines and ship thousands of packages and skids every year for events both large and small.

We have an extensive, well-resourced distribution network, and the capabilities to project manage installation and post-event tear-down and storage for re-use.

From the simplest label to the most complex project!

If you have a print job or project coming up, contact us today. We can provide any of our services individually.

We can provide a quote, or help you explore solutions and offer advice on the most suitable and most economical substrates and processes to get the result you want.